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「The only place where everyone has their own Kame」
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Kamenashi Kazuya

{ kame_centric } 「 The only place where everyone has their own Kame 」


Welcome to kame_centric, where everything on here is all about the hot, talented, adorable and simply amazing man named Kamenashi Kazuya

This comm was created in order for all Kame fans out there to be able to find all pairings involving Kame, whether a popular pairing or a pairing you had never even heard of, in one place. For the reason that we love Kame very much, this community was created and we hope you enjoy your time here.

Of course, just like in every community, there are rules and things you should know before joining the community. For a list of rules, please follow the link up there.

Also in the links up there, are: an introduction post, where we explained why we created this community as well as tags and any future things that may be going on in the community. That is also where you can make suggestions, or ask questions. The questions? link up there will take you right to that post as well.

Please make sure to read both the rules and introduction post. We would appreciate/like it very much if you commented on the introduction post on the ideas you think are good, any ideas that are unclear and any other suggestions you think might benefit this community.

If you have any questions that you don't want to ask in a public post, feel free to contact any of the mods through a private message or through their emails that may or may not be listed on their profiles.

Enjoy and have fun~ <3

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